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“We always take training for granted or even just to get certificates to decorate our CV’’

We asked Winfred whom we call Winnie to share her inspiring experience with us.......

”I would like to share the experience not to become famous but to emphasise the importance of training and earning the vital skills especially when looking to work or already working with vulnerable individuals who depend on support workers to manage their day to day activities as well as their well being.

During one of my shifts  I was doing a core shift and the Sunday roast was ready at the start of shift and I worked together with permanent staff to prepare the rest of the meal and serving.

The client in question had gone out and returned just before dinner, she appeared to be very hungry ... she was served her meal which was cut up into very tiny pieces and permanent staff sat with her as she ate , I believe she ate too fast and did not chew her food well enough.

At first instance I heard the client coughing in a strange manner  , permanent staff tried patting her back but the client was struggling to breathe, the permanent staff called out for help , that’s when I came in tried back blows, that didn’t work, I then gave two(2) abdominal thrusts. The food came out , the client was happy , she then ate all her food.

The incident was reported and recorded.

I have found CPR training as well as Moving and handling very beneficial and I have learned how to perform first aid for choking at CPR training that was a part Parkwood's recruitment process''. Winfred, HCA


by Lucia Csonka


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